The inky background and refined golds highlight the dancers’ extravagant gown’s subtle pinks and blues.

A genuine one-of-a-kind piece of art with a vintage feel yet a current attitude. Stunningly unique and ideal for creating a timeless ambiance in your home as an elegant artwork.Dance Artworks






Classical meets contemporary art. A magnificent, lively movement piece that celebrates the delight of being in the now. When we are free to be ourselves, our senses explode. The stunning dancer is fully immersed in the moment, telling us to take time to simply be. We live in a time when everything is instant, but true development requires patience and time. Purchase to remind yourself to take advantage of opportunities to be lost in the present away from the world’s distractions and expectations. Custom Artworks

620 x 760 mm oil on canvas with gold leaf lustre

A pure and valuable oil painting will be a presence in your home that is unconcerned by the troubles of the world. Dance Artworks

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