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Stunning Art, Memories of the Future.

Fine artist Lisa Wallace captures infinite beauty through her work and connects with the imagination of art collectors from across the globe.
Lisa has works displayed here in New Zealand also in private collections and has numerous clients abroad.

Lisa is an accomplished oil painter who has embraced drawing and painting along with storytelling since she was a young child.

Growing up in picturise New Zealand gave her many rich experiences and opportunities to delve into the arts and surround herself with beauty and scope for the imagination. Having undertaken painting and print making art classes at high school and thrived at these she has a more recently immersed herself back in her painting studio in Christchurch New Zealand.
From the well of untapped potential she is now creating unique modern art pieces that are capturing the heart of the art connoisseur.Award Winning Artist


Lisa is predominately an oil painting portrait specialist, honing her natural ability to capture the essence of a person and bring them to life in a unique and quirky way. Her contemporary art displays her fascination with the human eye and how they are the window to the soul. This connection propels her to embrace a moment in time in a pure and powerful way.

She uses her photo realistic images to speak life to the viewer and challenge their grasp on reality. Her oil painting work will take you on a journey, always interesting, never predictable. Lisa’s love for nature, beauty and life giving water is a strong intertwining theme through her contemporary art portfolio.Enquire about Custom Art

Pablos Art Auction

Lisa donates an artwork each year to a charity. Her large oil painting ‘Anything is Possible’ was donated to the Pablo’s Art Auction cause to assist those with mental well being issues and disabilities.

This painting is unique, grand and stunning. At 900 x 1200 mm it is a real statement piece which will adorn any elegant space and be the talking point for guests to enjoy.


This piece was created for her solo exhibition as the central  focus and you can see why. Commission artworks available on requestCommission a Portrait


Contact Lisa at Contempo Concept via messanger or email for your own unique artworkCompassion through Art


From the artist:

"My passion is in capturing ones breath and harnessing the spirit of emotion and giving it heart through my painting. I adore movement of varied brushstrokes, I love my work to feel alive. Texture and colour finely tuned, sometimes clashing other times harmonious. My aim is to create living works which speak to the viewer and tell a memorable story. Each piece comes from the heart and is intended to delight and intrigue. I feel so blessed to be able to share my art and heart with you"


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