The gorgeous modern tondo “Connections” is created with oil on board and gold leaf. This picture is a beautiful example of combining fine detail with abstract design. Select this item to give your room a wow factor.

This 400 mm circle is a modern beauty that will spruce up your area and surely grab the attention of onlookers as they decipher its message.






‘Connections’ is a stunning modern tondo in oil on board with gold leaf. This painting is a lovely combination of abstract design and exquisite detail. Choose this piece today because it will  add a wow factor to your favourite space. About- Contempo

This 400 mm circle is a contemporary gem that will add flair to your room. This artwork will undoubtedly catch the viewer’s attention as they interpret the meaning for themselves. Award Winning Artist


Select a one-of-a-kind original piece created by award-winning New Zealand artist Lisa Wallace to adorn your house now. Contact

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