Gen Z


Stunning New Zealand artwork. This interprets the gap between teen and parents as technology encroaches into all aspects of life. This magical artwork in eye catching and intriguing. Add it to your home as a statement piece.Paintings



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Gen Z is a thought-provoking oil portrait that encapsulates the essence of today’s youth in the digital age.

Behold the teen at the heart of this dynamic portrait is seated on the couch. He is lost in the captivating world of technology. With noise-canceling headphones adorning his ears and a mobile phone clutched in his hand. He is the epitome of a generation constantly connected yet often isolated.

The unique frame surrounding the portrait is a striking representation of the glitches and malfunctions that occur in our increasingly technology-dependent society. It serves as a powerful reminder of the fragility of our digital connections.  And therefore the potential for isolation amidst the constant noise of social media.

In a world where social media often dictates our interactions and relationships, “Gen Z” sheds light on the growing trend of familial isolation and disconnection. Through the lens of this portrait, viewers are invited to ponder the impact of technology on human connection. This highlights the importance of fostering meaningful relationships beyond the digital realm.

Created by Lisa Wallace a fine artist from New Zealand, “Gen Z” is a testament to the power of art to provoke thought and evoke emotion. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of contemporary culture, the artist has crafted a masterpiece that resonates deeply with viewers of all ages.

Display “Gen Z” in your home, office, or gallery to spark meaningful conversations about the intersection of technology, identity, and human connection in today’s society. Its powerful imagery and thought-provoking message make it a compelling addition to any art collection.

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