The lustre of the gold contrasts with the pinks and blues of the dancers elaborate dress. Embellish your home with this one-of-a-kind movement artwork that captures the passion we feel when we are seen and cherished because you deserve to feel this way.

A truly unique artwork with a classic feel but a modern vibe. Stunningly unique and perfect as an elegant artwork in any space





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Classical and contemporary art collide to create a stunning artwork. A wonderful piece of movement art that celebrates the joy of being in the moment. The stunning dancer is fully immersed in the moment, telling us to take time to simply be. We live in a fast-paced generation, but our spirit longs for peace and tranquillity. Purchase to remind yourself to allow yourself to be immersed in your imagination. Award Winning Artist

510 x 610 mm oil on canvas with gold lustre

A pure and valuable oil painting will dance in your place, unconcerned by the troubles of the world and will remind you to live in the moment. Dance Artworks

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